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Top 5 Wheel-End Product Brands For Heavy Duty Trucks

Here at North American Trailer, we want to make sure that you’re equipped to go into the new year with the best wheel end parts to ensure you’re traveling safely and efficiently to and from your destinations. From s-cam to disc brakes, we offer the correct parts for sure, safe stops.

To ensure that our customers receive the best services and parts possible, we work with only the best brands that deliver high-quality parts. Here are just a few of the brands we work with and what products we supply.



Bendix brandWhen it comes to brake system industry standards, Bendix brake systems are known for exceeding the standards. Bendix is best known for providing quality, reliability, innovation, and performance in their complete line of wheel end solutions. They’re also North American Trailers’ preferred OEM supplier of comprehensive air brake systems and components. With such a rich history within this industry, very few companies even come close to the quality that Bendix manufactures. 

Bendix Spring Brakes

The Bendix OEM Endurasure™ Spring Brake with No Touch Technology is unsurpassed in performance, durability, and safety. Bendix has premium brake chambers for both s-cam and air disc brake applications. These spring brakes are very durable and offer long life and sure stops on commercial vehicles. They also feature a no touch power spring, slotted center seal, lightweight design and it even meets all SAE standards for force output.

Here is a list of the Bendix parts we offer:

  • Air Disc Brake Calipers for truck and trailer applications including Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, I.H, Mack & Volvo 
  • OEM ADB22X Pads
  • Flat Splined Disc Rotor
  • Standard ADB22X Pads
  • Severe Duty High Temp. ADB22X Pads
  • 3030 LS Piggy Back Kit
  • 3030 Combo w/o Clevis 8” push-rod
  • 3030 Intraax 12” push-rod
  • 3030 Piggy Back Kit
  • 3030 LS 8” push-rod w/o clevis
  • 3030 Long Stroke Welded Clevis A=2.25in
  • 3030 STD. With Welded Clevis A=2.25in
  • EnduraSure 18/24 Disc Brake Chamber – 4 Year Warranty
  • Sealed Long-Life Complete STD. 8” PR
  • Sealed Long-Life Complete STD. 12” PR 
  • Sealed Long-Life Complete Long Stroke 8” PR


Pro-Par OEM Heavy Duty Parts

Pro Par brandAlong with offering Bendix parts, we also are proud to offer Pro-Par. Aurora’s private label brand of products, Pro-Par or “Professional Parts,” upholds the highest level of OEM standards. The Pro-Par name has represented a premium brand throughout the trucking industry. Pro-Par products are constructed with high-quality materials and designed for superior performance, reliability, and durability.

Pro-Par offers high-quality brake shoe kits, slack adjusters, and bearing sets. When it comes to brake shoe kits specifically, there are 3 levels of friction we supply.

Standard Friction:

  • Engineered for Medium Duty Cycle – Highway, Dry Freight & Straight Body (Tuck Body)
  • Excellent Value & Performance
  • Standard Brake Shoe

Premium Friction:

  • Engineered for High Duty Cycle – Highway with Steep Grades, City Pick-up / Delivery
  • Excellent Drum Life w/ Min. Wear
  • Superior Fade Resistance

Heavy Duty Friction: 

  • Engineered for High-Temperature Braking and offers long life for ready mix, refuse and other severe duty applications
  • Aramid Fiber-Based Material
  • Fade Resistant up to 700°F



Stemco brandWe’re also proud to supply those with heavy duty trucks with reliable STEMCO products. STEMCO provides reliable wheel seals for the trucking industry, delivering tougher, longer-life seals that meet OEM performance, design and axle coverage

Stemco offers three different wheel seal product options, Voyager, Discover and Guardian for all truck and trailer applications. 

Stemco’s high quality zip-torq axle spindle nuts take the guesswork out of bearing adjustment. This unitized single piece design uses a patented self-locking rachet system to secure the wheel end and prevent spindle nut back-off. 



Haldex brandWhen it comes to brake and air suspension systems for heavy vehicles, Haldex is unrivaled in their level of expertise. Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics, and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry in the USA and abroad.

To create a world of safer vehicles, Haldex manufactures the best S-ABA brake adjusters, Gold Seal ABD Chambers, and even remanufactured products such as Trailer ABS Valves and Trailer Calipers.



Midland brandFinally, North American Trailer is proud to provide Midland products to those needing high quality disc brake pads. Midland air disc brake pads feature OE quality friction material and offer reliable, quiet, durable performance. This line of friction material was developed to meet the needs of heavy-duty and commercial vehicles.


#1 Choice For Wheel End Parts

If you’re looking to update or improve the safety of your heavy duty truck’s wheels, contact the professionals at North American Trailer today! Loaded with all of the industry-best products to keep you safe on the road, our team can get you and your truck outfitted with exactly what you need.

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