Racing Season Is Back!

This past weekend Jeremy competed at The King of America at Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, KS. Unfortunately, due to the weather and track conditions, practice on Wednesday and Thursday’s race were canceled. Which brought them to Friday where there were 72 USMTS Modifieds. He did not get any practice in this car so he had to go straight into qualifying, which as they expected didn’t go very well qualifying 9th out of 12 in his group so this is where Jeremy started in his heat race. In the heat, he made it one lap and another car spun out in front of them, Jeremy had no way to avoid him and he ended up breaking his right rear shock. Jeremy was able to get the car fixed prior to the B main where he started 16th and needed to finish 4th to transfer to the A main. The track was the roughest he has ever raced on so he was just trying to survive in hopes to move up based on attrition. About halfway through the race, he hit a rut and de-beaded his right front tire, forcing him into the wall which ended his night.

On Saturday, there were 69 USMTS Modifieds in attendance. Jeremy felt a lot better going into qualifying after learning a few things from Friday and he was able to qualify 5th in his group out of 12. In the heat, he moved forward and finished 3rd, just short of 2nd. This was not enough to get him qualified for the A main so Jeremy had to run the B main where he started 2nd. He felt very good about his chances but things just didn’t work out the way he had hoped. The track began to get rougher again and after catching a few ruts and avoiding other cars that were having the same issues, he fell back to 6th. Knowing he needed to get to the top 4, Jeremy tried everything he could to make up ground but ended up spinning in the process. If he would have just stayed calm and been more patient, he should have been able to get transferred into the A main.

This weekend was a huge learning experience for them between the new car and the competition. Jeremy believes if the conditions were better and if he was able to get practice in on Wednesday, he would have been better off.

Their next race will be once again with the USMTS at Hamilton County Speedway in Webster City, IA. This is scheduled for this weekend but may be postponed to a later date in April due to the forecasted weather. Stay tuned to their racing page for updates.

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