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July 13

Dave Mass Uses His Super Stock This Weekend!

Well, the Super Stock got its chance to play this weekend, after a few weekends of just the late model! Friday night Dave took the night off to get a […]

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July 7

Jeremy Nelson Taking 2 Top 5 Finishes Over The Weekend

This past weekend Jeremy competed at the Great Lakes Border Battle at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior, WI on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, there were 28 Modifieds. He started […]

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June 29

Dave Mass At I-94 Sure Step Speedway Back To Back Weekends

This past weekend the Challenge Series was at I-94 Sure Step Speedway! For Dave’s heat, he started 4th and finished 4th. For the feature, Dave rolled off in the 13th […]

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June 29

Jeremy Nelson Racing Against WISSOTA Modifieds At Ogilvie Raceway!

This past weekend Jeremy raced at Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday where there were 14 WISSOTA Modifieds on hand. They started 7th in their heat and were able to move their […]

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June 14

Good End To The Weekend At Halvor Lines Speedway For Jeremy Nelson

This past weekend was the start of the Advantage RV Mod Tour. Jeremy started out racing Thursday at Grand Rapids Speedway. There were 22 modifieds on hand. He started 5th […]

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June 10

Dave Mass Is Crowned King Of Dirt!

Friday Night Dave headed over to Grand Forks to race the late model, after unloading, some rain moved in and Mother Nature wins. Saturday Night, Dave came over to I-94 […]

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June 1

Memorial Day Weekend Results From Jeremy Nelson

This past Memorial Day weekend, the Wisconsin Modified Nationals were canceled due to weather on Thursday and Friday but Jeremy Nelson was able to compete at the Minnesota Modified Nationals […]

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May 26

Back To Back Wins For Dave Mass This Past Weekend!

Friday night Dave traveled to I-94 Sure Step Speedway Fergus Falls for the opening night of the NLRA! 31 late models showed up, in a loaded heat Dave started 2nd […]

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May 24

Saturday Race Results At Ogilvie Raceway!

This past weekend Jeremy Nelson ended up just racing on Saturday at Ogilvie Raceway. There were 22 Modifieds in attendance. They started 3rd in their heat and finished 2nd. Due […]

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