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Jeremy Nelson’s Weekend Results!

This past weekend Jeremy Nelson raced at I-94 Sure Step Speedway on Friday. There were 12 Modifieds on hand. They started 4th in the heat and finished 2nd. Jeremy started 1st in the feature and got to an early lead and began to pull away. At the halfway point, they had a 3-second lead when the caution came out, erasing their lead. At the restart, they were a sitting duck and got passed by a driver who found a faster line. After they made a couple of mistakes, they ended up having to settle for 3rd.

On Saturday, Jeremy went to Ogilvie Raceway where there were 22 Modifieds in attendance. They started 1st in the heat and finished 2nd. For the feature, they started 2nd and once again got to an early lead. Just like Friday, they were a sitting duck and got passed at around the half way point. After a couple of laps, Jeremy began to run down the leader where lapped traffic became a factor. Thinking they had a chance to get back to the lead, they picked the wrong line and a lapper got in the way causing them to lose a position instead of taking a lead. They once again had to settle for 3rd.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. They showed good speed but the races just didn’t fall in their favor. This next weekend they are possibly going to be at Red Cedar Speedway in Menomonie, WI on Friday and Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday!