Jeremy Nelson Pulls Out A Win On Friday

This past weekend Jeremy competed with the United States Modified Touring Series at Ogilvie Raceway for the Mod Wars. On Thursday there were 46 modifieds in attendance. He did not qualify well in his group qualifying 8th out of 9. He hit a whole on lap 1 of 2 in turn 3 that ended up messing up both of his laps. This put Jeremy behind the 8 ball early. In the heat he went 8th to 7th which put him in a B main, where he got the last transfer spot for the feature. In the feature, he went 23rd to 21st on a rubbered up, one lane race track.

Friday, there were 45 modifieds. Jeremy had a stacked heat/group but he was able to qualify 4th out of 9. This put him in the invert so he got to start on the pole. Jeremy had a great heat race and he was able to pull off the win, which put him in the redraw. Jeremy redrew the highest number possible, 8/8. In the feature, he started in 8th but after overdriving the first few laps, he got into the wall and tore off the spoiler and it totally ruined the cars handling so he fell all the way back to 21st. This was a very disappointing way to end our pretty successful night.

Saturday, there were 46 modifieds. Jeremy qualified 2nd out of 9 in his group which put him in the 3rd starting spot for his heat. In the heat, a driver got into him at the start which caused Jeremy to lose a few spots but he was able to get back up to 4th. He had to run the B main and finished 5th. This got him into the feature. Jeremy started 22th in the feature and finished 17th. He was pretty good on short runs, but the car would go away the more laps he would run.

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