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Jeremy Nelson Opener At Ogilvie Raceway

This past weekend Jeremy Nelson #4 raced at Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday for his opener. Going into the night, they had very low expectations since they were taking out a brand new car that had not seen the race track yet. They started 8th in the heat and were able to work up to the 6th place position after being bottled up for the first few laps on a one-lane race track. For the feature, they started 17th and after a few restarts, they hit a rut causing a shock mount to move, which ended the night. Luckily nothing was wrecked. For the little laps they got, they were happy with how the car felt and look forward to a successful year!

This next weekend they plan on possibly going to Red Cedar Speedway in Menomonie, WI on Friday and Ogilvie Raceway on Saturday!