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If you’re in the market for Hallco Live Floors, North American Trailer has you covered. Hallco Live Floor systems are hydraulically powered and consist of a series of deck slats that move in sequence to both load and unload quickly and completely. Plus, they can be customized to fit your needs. As an authorized dealer, North American Trailer is proud to supply and install Hallco Live Floors. Contact us now to speak with one of our installation experts to learn more about how this system can save you time and money.

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Why Hallco Live Floor

Hallco Live Floors offer benefits recognized by several key industries with a need for efficient and reliable loading and unloading. Technological advances, along with new innovations continue to enhance Hallco Industries’s quality and performance.

With a choice of a drive unit, floor size and type of construction, Hallco Live Floor conveyors will allow for a precision fit in virtually any trailer, truck, bin or bunker, new or used. No matter what you’re hauling, Hallco Live Floor conveyors are the cost-effective solution that will allow you to operate more efficiently and profitably. For guaranteed durability, reliability and performance in a live floor, specify the original: Hallco Live Floor conveyor system.

  • Allows bulk loads to be unloaded under low overhangs and on uneven or soft ground
  • Enable repositioning of loads for best axle loading
  • May be made to move wet loads without drips
  • Move virtually any load weight
  • Handle virtually ANY width and length of load
  • Move whole container-loads at speeds up to 11 ft/min
  • Hallco Live Floor can be configured for variable rate conveying
  • Cover the entire floor limiting load bridging
  • Bearing surfaces are long lasting and stable

Your Hallco Live Floor Trailer Parts Dealer

Hallco Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of bulk materials handling solutions for trucks, trailers and stationary conveyor/bin systems. Hallco Live Floor systems are hydraulically powered and are comprised of a series of deck slats that move in sequence to both loads and unload quickly and completely. Drive units and deck profiles have been designed to cater to customer’s needs for lightweight, heavy-duty or leak-resistant uses.

Why Hallco Indistries in 1 Minute

Watch this video to learn more about Hallco Live Floors and how they stand up to competitors.

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