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Great Weekend Results For Jeremy Nelson And His New Car!

This past weekend Jeremy Nelson #4 started out racing at I-94 Sure Step Speedway on Friday. There were 21 WISSOTA Modifieds in attendance. They started 7th in the heat and were able to work all the way up to 4th. For the feature, they started 10th and they were running in 8th place about 5 laps in when their left rear tire blew causing them to spin, which ended the night.

On Saturday, they were at Ogilvie Raceway where there were 14 Modifieds on hand. Jeremy said, “Our drawing skills were horrible once again and we had to start dead last (7th) for the 3rd straight night on the year but we were still able to battle our way to finish 2nd.” This put them on the pole for the feature where they went on to lead every lap and get their first win of the season by a margin greater than a straight-away. “The car was very good and it was nice to also finish a feature so that we could learn some more things about our new car,” said Jeremy.