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Dave Mass finishes 2nd place at the Fall Classic!

What a great weekend at Ogilvie Raceway, for the Fall Classic!

Dave raced heats on Friday night and then Bmains and features on Saturday.

Friday Night-

Super Heat- 3rd to DNF

Late Heat- 7th(last) to FIRST!!!!

With the lineups for the feature being based on passing points, this put Dave on the front row for the Late Model 40 lap Feature!! He would have to run a Bmain in the super.

Saturday Night-

Super Bmain-

Started 15th out of 18th, he was in 5th and they only take the top 4, Dave gave it all he had and spun out. He got a spot in the feature because he was last year’s winner.

Super Feature-

Started 25th and would finish 8th. Congrats to the 7A on the win!

Late Model Feature-

Started pole and led the first 12 laps, got passed by Doar, after a few more laps and some lap traffic Dave passed Doar for the lead. With 5 to go Doar would once again pass Dave, giving him the second place finish. Dave will take a 2nd place finish against one of the best!